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A present please! Let’s ask for things in English! プレゼントをください!英語でお願いしてみましょう!

This week’s video shows a simple but polite way to ask for something you want. It’s easy to practice at mealtimes!
Classroom Tip
Practice the target language from Happy Valley 1 Unit 8 with this video. After, play games suggested in the lesson plans for students to use the questions and answers with one another to make a birthday picnic.
At Home Tip
Watch the video and sing after the lyrics in an echo. Good for practicing “What do you want?” “…, please.” Have your child use “please” after any word as a simple way to ask for what they want whilst being polite!
動画をみて続いて歌います。「What do you want?」と「…please」の練習にぴったりです。どの言葉でも語尾に please をつけることで、簡単に礼儀正しく欲しいものをお願いできます!
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