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Happy Valley Activities Library: Welcome Routines

It’s good to have routines that you follow every class. Today let’s look at some rituals to use at the very beginning of class as students enter the room. You can combine all these routines or just use the ones that fit your class.
1. Review Questions
When it’s time to start class, students line up outside the room. Ask each student a review question, such as “What’s your name?” or “How’s the weather?” Students should answer the question before entering the room.
2. Put Things Away
As students enter the room, they should put their things away in baskets or cubbies, saying “my book”, “my workbook”, “my crayons”, etc. as they put away the named objects. Then they can sit down or play with their classmates.
3. Toys!
Before beginning class, let students play with some toys whose names they have learned in recent units. For example, aside from the toy vocabulary in Happy Valley 1 Unit 6, you can use plastic fruit for Unit 5 and towels, washcloths and soap bottles for Unit 7. This lets them use the words they’ve learned.
授業の時間になったら、生徒が教室の扉の外に並びます。「What’s your name?」や「How’s the weather?」など、一人一人に復習の質問をします。生徒は質問に答えてから教室に入ります。
生徒は教室に入ったら、バスケットや棚など、所定の位置に持ち物を置きます。「My book「my workbook」「my crayons」などと言いながら置きましょう。終わったら座る、またはクラスメイトと遊びましょう。