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Introduce Yourself to Kinka and Pinka! キンカとピンカに自己紹介しましょう!

I'm Kinka

Asking someone’s name and giving your own name is one of the most basic skills you need to meet new people. Let Kinka and Pinka show you how it’s done, and then practice it yourself!
Classroom Tip
These videos are great to use when you have a new class, want to review or have a guest in the class. This Q&A is one of the fundamental functions we want students to learn, and these videos make it fun. The song takes the pressure off of the kids to remember off the top of their heads and it will get stuck in their heads so they naturally repeat it as they sing. Set up your tablet, phone or computer in the class and let the kids practice saying their names after with the video. Then, they can Q&A with their new friend(s). Use the puppets in the back of the book to practice with their characters. Puppets take the pressure off, too, by letting kids speak as a character rather than themselves. This is great for quieter students and their fearless ones will enjoy playing a character.
At Home Tip
Sing and dance with the characters, learning this fundamental function in English. Use the dialogue as an example and then, play with puppets or any stuffed animal or doll in your house. Ask and answer their names, modeling for your child and letting your child ask and answer when they are ready.
Please add your comments – What do you do? How did you find these tips? We’d love to see YOUR videos.
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