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Kids love vehicles! Let’s learn some vehicle names in English. 子供は乗り物が大好き!英語で名前を覚えましょう!

Many children love cars and trains, whether toys or the real thing. This week’s video will make English more fun by teaching them words for things that they like!
Classroom Tip
This is the first chant in Happy Valley 2 and isolates vehicles in Happy Valley. The gestures will be useful when you sing the “It’s a Red Car” song later in the unit, so as usual, do the chant and then repeat, adding gestures. After, put the teacher or student cards on the floor face up and then pass out the student cards for colors. The teacher says a vehicle. It’s a car. The student with the red card matching goes to the car and places their card on top. Start with a student who is confident so you can demonstrate without explanation. Have that student call the next color. Repeat until all vehicles have a matching color card.
これはハッピーバレー2の最初のチャントで、ハッピーバレーにある乗り物です。後で「It’s a Red Car」の歌を歌うときにジェスチャーが役立ちますので、普段通りチャントをして、それからジェスチャーを加えて繰り返します。その後は、先生用または生徒用のフラッシュカードの表を上にして床に並べ、生徒に生徒用の色のカードを配ります。先生が乗り物の名前を言います「It’s a car.」 赤のカードを持っている生徒が車のカードまで行き、上に赤のカードをおきます。自信のある生徒から始めて例になってもらいましょう。その生徒に次の色を選ばせます。すべての乗り物に色のカードが揃うまで繰り返します。
At Home Tip
After doing the chant, look out the window and in books to find the vehicles. Say and do the gestures when you see them. Remember that bicycle from Happy Valley 1, Unit 3 is also a vehicle. When you are out around town, talk about the vehicles you see and their colors.
Please add your comments – What do you do? How did you find these tips? We’d love to see YOUR videos.
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