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Happy Valley 2 & 3: Lesson Plans

Hello, Everyone. Hope your Spring is springing and you’re excited for the new academic year in April. When not going here and there presenting, I have been working on updating all the Happy Valley documents you’ll need from April.
The Teacher’s and Parent’s Guide for both Happy Valley 2 and Happy Valley 3 went up on the website last week. Please feel free to download those.
This Friday, we will have the Lesson Plans for Units 1-5 for Happy Valley 2 and Happy Valley 3 up with Units 6-10 Lesson Plans following next week. I will also be adding an updated version of the Routines, Games and Activities Guide next week.
Last Saturday, I was in Gifu presenting on Happy Valley and had a fantastic time with the JALT Gifu members. They are such a strong and lively bunch of teachers that I couldn’t help but have a blast! Thank you to Gifu JALT organizers for your dedicated service to teachers and for asking me to come back with Happy Valley. Hope to see you all again soon! 🙂