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Back to School

April first came and went with the week in a whirl. Thankfully classes started off well. We did an Easter lesson, but I used the Happy Valley 2 “Hi, Hello” song to begin class with a bang.
It didn’t just bang, it twirled! We began the song, waving our hands to say, “Hi.” and “Hello.” However, it soon became a group of kids waving and turning around. We would sing, “Hi. Hello. Hello. Hello.” and then turn around quickly before singing the next group of Hi and Hellos.
What I love about trying new things is seeing how the kids react and what they naturally do. It never occurred to me to turn around in that song, but when one little boy did it, we all saw and simultaneously started to do it, too. Those moments are where I often learn the most about HOW to teach. Teaching really is learning, wouldn’t you say?
That was not my first and certainly won’t be my last time to get ideas from the kids, but each time is a precious moment. Do you have any special memories of what your students have taught you? Please feel free to comment below.
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