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Happy New Year!

Happy 2013, Everyone! How was your New Year? I spent my holiday with my family in the US, where we got lots of snow and went sledding several times in the days following Christmas. I felt like a kid again!
Before, I talk about what is happenig in 2013, I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who made 2012 such a fun and exciting time for all of us involved in Happy Valley. The Expos were such a great first experience for us and we look forward to joining in similar events in 2013!
In 2013, it is my hope to see many of you again and to reach out to teachers I have yet to meet. We already have some presentations coming up in the Spring. I will be at Gifu JALT on the night of Saturday March 16th and in Tsukuba at the Mabuhay Classroom on the morning of April 14th. There will be other presentations, so please check back for announcement.
Since being back at school, my students and I have been using HV1 U8. The kids have really taken to the creatures around the pond near Kinka and Pinka’s tree house. Yesterday we played the game “Is it a…” from the Games and Activities Guide in the download section. I also read the book Buzz, Buzz from Longman’s Mice Series. I will read it again next week, before we play the game “Where Will It Land.”
HV3 kids are getting stronger at reading and have been role playing being at a dinner party, getting dinner for their guests. Speaking of HV3, the final copies of HV2 and HV3 Student Book, Workbooks and CDs are coming soon. Recently, we have been spending a portion of each day listening to the songs, stories and dialogues for final checks and I am really excited for everyone to hear them.
Here is to a prosperous 2013 for everyone!