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Unit 7 Speaking and Counting Activity

Hi, Everyone! I hope you all are surviving the final days until winter holidays begin.
My Happy Valley 1 class just wrapped up Unit 7 “Bathtime” and we had some fun with my iPhone, the kids’ heads, shoulders, knees, toes, fingers and counting 1 to 10. The procedure was simple.
1. Take shots of the students’ (S) heads, shoulders, knees, toes and fingers on your digital camera or other digital picture taking device (I used my iPhone).

2. Randomly scroll through the pictures until the S say, “Stop.”
3. Show the picture of someone’s body part and ask, for example,  “Whose fingers?”
4. S who identifies their picture says, “My fingers.” Then, they count their fingers 1 to 10.
The kids posed wonderfully for the shots and got quite excited to see themselves. I’ll definitely do this again.
I think a good variation could also be to have the kids put their heads, shoulders and knees together so that you can count more that 1 head or 2 shoulders and knees. Also, when these kids go into HV2, we can take pictures of 2 kids’ fingers or toes to work on the target of counting 1 to 20 while also reviewing these body parts in a familiar way.
Do you use a camera in the classroom? What have you done with them? What activities have you used to talk about body parts? We’d love to hear from you!