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Happy Valley: User’s Comments 1

Hello! Today I received this nice message from a teacher who attended my talk in Gifu. We are always so happy to hear from you. Thanks so much for writing, M!
“Just wanted to let you know that I’ve started using Happy Valley with my kindergarteners and today it was a hit. The kids just loved the songs and they loved the characters. It’s a nice break from the norm for me. I usually use… Thanks again for the Pam and Ted cards recommendation … they’re also a huge hit. I’m thinking of getting some of the storybooks too that you recommended. Forgive the horrible writing but I’m halfway falling asleep. My four kindergarteners made me to fly, swim, dive crawl over and over (in pain).”
I know the feeling! I often equate teaching kids with doing spurts of aerobics. You need stamina and strength. After a few rounds of really active songs, I sometimes sit down and tell the students to show me what they can do. I get a break and they get a chance to shine. Recently, some of my HV2 kids have been free styling the Phonics Song, making new moves. Love. it.